Michael Garza September 27, 2015

To whom it may concern, I want to take a moment to say Thank You to the Jones Motor staff. I have owned trucks for 13 of the last 18 years and have leased my truck to several larger companies and a few smaller companies without success. Either the freight was just not there or the rates where substandard or just plain cheap. I have been leased to Jones Motor Co since early June 2015 and could not be more pleased. The Mid-West recruiter Ms. Carol Faulkner was up front, honest, and definitely made me feel at home during the entire orientation process. And still 4 months later she is more than happy to take my calls and help with any questions or problems I have ran into. Jones is a box, flatbed and stepdeck company, As 1 of 3 RGN's the freight base was on the slim side to start, but now the Jones agents are building a good customer base for our freight. I get several phone calls daily and the rates are where they need to be. It’s great to be able to book loads at the house when you want your home time, or an area you would like to run for any reason. As a one truck operation, dispatch and settlements are a huge concern, it’s a great relief to know your settlements will be correct and on time. The Jones Motor staff as a whole go above and beyond to ensure you’re up and running, not sitting in a truck stop without a load.

Thank You,
Michael Garza
Great Southern Express LLC
Kirbyville Mo

Willy Graf

Terry Coonfield 3-16-15

"Just want to say this is the best company I have ever leased on to. Here at Jones Motor they treat you like family. Working with all the agents they understand what we need out here. Colleen,Cherl,Pam,Cathy, Deb, Jenny and all the people in safety and all the girls who take care of the permits and paperwork in the office are great. And thanks to Randy Sutton who gave me a chance to come work for this great company. I can't say enough how great it is working here. I know that I can retire here. Thanks Again for all the hard work you do here . Thank you everyone here at Jones Motor. Your friend Terry Coonfield @ Coonfield Trucking LLC"

James Turner

“I have owned my own truck for 22 years and have been with many companies. I read the lease ad in the magazine and made the call. As they say – the rest is history. A year and a half later, Jones has done what they said they would do – from dispatch to safety to settlements. They work for you. They are so sure you will stay. They pay the driver that recruited you $1,000.00. That is confidence and that’s good business.”

Greg Lytle

“I started at Jones with a single truck and built a small fleet. Like many people I thought the grass looked greener on the other side of the fence so I took my trucks to a much bigger company and quickly found out that bigger isn’t better. It’s just bigger. Needless to say, I ended up back at Jones Motor with a much better appreciation of the small company atmosphere and the realization of how important it is to be a name and not a number. I like Jones Motor so much that I became a recruiter for them and have not looked across the fence since.”

Steve Vanover, Jones Motor Owner/Operator since 1994

“This is a “Rock Solid” company. I have never had to worry about getting paid in my 16 years with Jones Motor, through the bad times and the good times. If you want to be an Owner/Operator in “Your Business”, show initiative and be dedicated, this is the company for you.”

Mike Curle

“I started trucking in 1973. If I'd started with Jones Motor then I would be retired right now. I trucked with Randy Sutton when he was an O/O in the early 1990's. We lost track for a while and when we ran into each other again in January of 2000 Randy had joined the Jones team. After seeing the rates and amount of freight, I couldn't sign up fast enough. In 2004, I was selected Overdrive Magazine's Driver of the Year. While attending truck shows and talking with drivers, I give Jones Motor all the credit for my success. We have good rates, fuel surcharges and we make money. We are very happy with the family atmosphere at Jones Motor. What it all comes down to is "Run with the best and good things happen".